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  • What time will the show end?
    The Surgery Comedy Clubs are live comedy nights, so it's difficult to give a precise finish time. However, all our shows tend to finish between 10-10:30pm.
  • Will I get picked on?
    In short, not if you don't want them to. Our performers sometimes talk to the audience to ask questions which leads onto the next bit of material. We make sure that at all Surgery Comedy gigs everyone in the audience is made to feel welcomed and has an incredible time.
  • Is there disabled access?
    As we have multiple venues and lots of one off events we advise that you check the venues themselves for their disabled access.
  • Can I get tickets if a show is sold out?
    If the website says a show is sold out there will not be any tickets available on the door. However if you email we can add you to the waiting list. There’s no guarantee that tickets will become available however if we get tickets returned we will be in touch.
  • How can I get an open spot?
    We pride ourselves on being a platform for the best up and coming comedy talent. If you would like a spot at a Surgery Comedy event please fill in you details on our Performer Page.
  • Is heckling allowed?
    Heckling is a part of live comedy, but it can quickly become tiresome for other members of the audience if it is overdone. If an audience member persistently interrupts a performer or if the heckling is vicious, racist, or in any other way offensive in our opinion we will take action to put a stop to it. In most cases this will firstly be a polite request for the offender to stop their heckling.
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